PNDA and Paris IOT Smart Cities Pilot

PNDA was recently deployed as part of an innovative multi-use case Smart City pilot at the Place de La Nation in Paris.  This has been undertaken as part of a bigger programme by the City of Paris to renovate seven iconic squares in 2017, with the intent to ensure that the right investments are made to make the squares more friendly to people on foot and on bike.

The pilot has seen the Place de La Nation transformed into a vision of the future of smart cities; it has been instrumented with smart sensors that monitor noise, air quality, temperature and humidity, and smart cameras that monitor the flow of cars, bicycles and pedestrians.


Instrumentation of Place de la Nation to collect all kinds of environmental data!


PNDA is the big data analytics platform underpinning the pilot.  All of the data streams are aggregated into PNDA, with analytics applications built on or integrated to PNDA and live dashboards that help the city understand what’s happening every minute of the day.


Visualising traffic flow data


This Grafana dashboard shows that the Place de la Nation gets noisier in correlation to the temperature but in inverse correlation to how windy it is!






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