PNDA 3.5 lives!

Team PNDA is very happy to announce the release of PNDA3.5, which introduces three major new features:

Offline installation

In many PNDA deployment environments, there is no direct internet access hence we have added support for offline installation, where PNDA is created from a mirror of the required software.


In addition, the PNDA Guide has had a major rewrite to make the installation process clearer.  For more details of PNDA installation see the PNDA 3.5 Guide: Creating PNDA

Bare Metal Installation

PNDA installation is now supported on bare metal servers.  This uses OpenStack Ironic, to provision bare metal machines instead of virtual machines; this does not require an existing OpenStack deployment.  For more details see: Creating PNDA on bare metal servers.

We’re also investigating other potential approaches to install on bare metal.

RedHat support

Another new feature is the support of RedHat within PNDA (in addition to Ubuntu) so you can now build a RHEL7 PNDA base image using pnda-dib-elements on OpenStack and if you run in AWS, you can use the RedHat AMI. In term of deployment, we’ve revised platform-salt in order to make it generic so that OS specific versions / name / etc… are now defined in the pillars.

Release Notes

In addition to the above, PNDA 3.5 incorporates many minor features and fixes, which you can find in the Release Notes.

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