Happy new year and PNDA 3.6 as a gift !

PNDA 3.6 lives!

Team PNDA is very happy to announce the release of PNDA 3.6, which introduces three major new features:

Modular PNDA CLI

The PNDA CLI is a new repo that offers an used to execute operational tasks on PNDA clusters. The vision for this sub-project is that it eventually replaces all the individual ‘template’ repositories in PNDA with one common code base, presenting the end user with a unified interface to several different ‘back ends’. At present, the PNDA CLI supports two back ends:

  • Creating PNDA on AWS using CloudFormation.
  • Creating PNDA on an existing server cluster (PNDA can be installed using the PNDA CLI onto pre-existing machines. In this mode the Cloud Formation parts of the pnda-cli are disabled and it runs only the bootstrap and saltstack stages of PNDA creation).

As a consequence, the pnda-aws-templates has been marked deprecated and will not be supported with this new release.

For more details refer to the PNDA CLI repo.

HDP support

Starting with this release, PNDA has been extended with an additional Hadoop distribution: The Hortonworks HDPproviding a wider choice of feature set, licensing or pricing. The Hortonworks HDP distribution 100% open source and introduces some alternative technologies including:

  • Ambari for cluster monitoring, management, additional UIs and setup.
  • Hive for MPP SQL queries instead of Impala.

For more details refer to the Hadoop Distributions guide.

Notable additions or improvements include:

  • support for CentOS as an alternative Linux distribution.
  • support for creating the mirror and building pnda components from behind a non-transparent proxy.
  • support for adding pyspark application dependencies
  • addition of Kafkat as option for Kafka management.
  • addition of developer and production users as default users of the platform.
  • addition of OpenTSDB component in the PNDA console.
  • addition of a new ‘production’ flavor (designed for larger, bare metal clusters).
  • upgrade of Kafka(0.11), Logstash(5.2) and CDH(5.12).

Release Notes

In addition to the above, PNDA 3.6 incorporates many minor features and fixes, which you can find in the Release Notes.


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