Growing the PNDA Community

Now that PNDA 5.0 is released there is time to think of PNDA’s evolution. The PNDA project joined the Linux Foundation Networking Fund (LFN) earlier in the year but remained Cisco-sponsor managed. PNDA is now transitioning to be a fully community-driven project. Several things are happening to bootstrap the community development:

  • Establish weekly PNDA community calls
  • Evolve the technical charter for PNDA
  • Establish a project steering committee for PNDA
  • Build a roadmap and vision for PNDA 6.0
  • Update PNDA web presence
  • Run community events for PNDA

All this and more will be taking place over the coming months.

PNDA Weekly Meeting

The PNDA weekly meeting has been scheduled to take place on Mondays at 16:00 CET – 10:00 EST – 07:00 PST. Information about the meeting including agenda and how to connect can be found here:

We are really looking forward to building our charter, roadmap and vision together as a community.

Community Events

The first upcoming event where we will have a PNDA track is the ONAP Developer Design Forum in January 2019:

After that we will plan for a dedicated PNDA event that is co-located with a partner conference.

Join Us

All this and more will be taking place over the coming months. If you’re interested in PNDA or platforms for network data analytics in general, please join the PNDA weekly meetings and mailing lists.!forum/pnda-users!forum/pnda-developers


2 thoughts on “Growing the PNDA Community

  1. Pnda release 5.0 is getting failed in build phase with compilation errors in source code. Please let me know the stable version of pnda . let me know the stable Branch or tag name to proceed further .

    With regards


    1. Hi Sameer,

      You can currently install the develop branch of PNDA which has fixes for the problems with release/5.0. We hope to provide a 5.0.1 soon, but until then, develop is good.


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