PNDA 4.0 Lives!

Hot on the heels of 3.6, team PNDA has cranked out 4.0!  As you might guess, 4.0 is a major release containing a number of new features, improvements and bug fixes. Multi-user awareness, resource management & security In preparation for upcoming work on PNDA security, right across the platform, we've introduced multi-user awareness where previously … Continue reading PNDA 4.0 Lives!


PNDA 3.5 lives!

Team PNDA is very happy to announce the release of PNDA3.5, which introduces three major new features: Offline installation In many PNDA deployment environments, there is no direct internet access hence we have added support for offline installation, where PNDA is created from a mirror of the required software. In addition, the PNDA Guide has … Continue reading PNDA 3.5 lives!

Schedule your live demo of PNDA at Cisco Live!

Schedule a time to meet with a member of the PNDA team, then stop by the booth in the devnet zone to see a personal demo of PNDA 3.4, together with pnda-powered BGP Analytics — the 100% open-source platform enabling industry convergence for network data analytics. Contact us on on the best time to … Continue reading Schedule your live demo of PNDA at Cisco Live!

Is network data big data?

Big data analytics, as with many other new technologies, can suffer from hype together with the trough of disillusionment and scepticism that accompanies it. If network data is big data, we've got no option but to climb up the slope of enlightenment.  Is the problem we have in network data analytics really a big data problem? … Continue reading Is network data big data?