ONUG: A Framework for Infrastructure Visibility, Analytics & Operational Intelligence

Great deck by Steve Collins at ONUG: https://www.slideshare.net/StephenCollins35/a-framework-for-infrastructure-visibility-analytics-operational-intelligence



We often get the question of why use PNDA rather than tailor a solution from one of the upstream distributions? The answer stems from the fact that PNDA was created in the first place because we had a real problem to solve.  In developing big data analytics applications from the upstream distributions, our experience was: to create … Continue reading Why PNDA?

How to improve big data analytics profit impact

In a recent paper "Reaping the benefits of big data in telecom", in the Journal of Big Data, Jacques Bughin analyses the profit impact that the deployment of big data analytics has on telecom service providers. The results are revealing; the graph below shows the profit impact for each of the 80 companies analysed,per company ordered … Continue reading How to improve big data analytics profit impact

The biggest costs associated with Hadoop projects …human capital

In a recent paper from O'Reilly on the "Big Data Market", they apply a big data approach to analyse the big data market using live data crawled from "websites, meetups, hiring patterns, business relationships, blogs, press, forums, SEC filings...". An interesting approach which revealed some interesting insights including: Given that most big data analytics projects are … Continue reading The biggest costs associated with Hadoop projects …human capital


The PNDA team have been working with MEF to show how PNDA can be used to provide analytics for MEF Lifecycle Service Orchestration:     We demonstrated PNDA in LSO at MEF16 in Baltimore last week, supporting multiple data sources and multiple analytics applications simultaneously:     If you're interested in jointly working on PNDA at MEF, please … Continue reading PNDA and MEF LSO